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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

What to pack for your next flight

Earlier this month I spent my spring break in my favorite city, Boston, and had such a fun time (Read: Part 1 Recap and Part 2 Recap). I thought it would be a fun post to share some necessities to pack for a plane ride.I know how overwhelming it can be when you are headed out for a plane ride and aren't sure what to pack in your "personal bag." Well, I'm here to save you today! Here is what I packed to carry on with me for my flight to and from Boston:
1 // Purse
I always pack a purse inside of my "personal item" which is usually a backpack or a tote bag. That way I can still have a larger "personal item" and still have a purse for when I land and begin my trip. I love the Vera Bradley Hipster.

2 // Trail Mix
I really miss when airlines gave you snacks on the plane. Even if it is just a two hour flight, I always pack a snack along to eat either on the flight or while waiting in between flights. Trail mix is a perfect snack to pack since you can choose whichever variety (love Target's selection of trail mixes) you enjoy and it is full of healthy fats.

3 // Tablet or e-Reader
Having something to read off of while travelling is so important to me. I loved having my kindle fire to read off of while waiting to bored my flight. I was able to read some blogs and pass the time during my layovers. Having an e-reader for the flight is perfect since you can have whatever book you are reading with you and it saves room instead of packing a book!

4 // Water bottle
Please, please, please pack a water bottle. Who knows how much you will spend on a water bottle at the airport! Just make sure is empty before going through security then once you are through security, fill it up and stay hydrated!

5 // Glasses
Much needed when searching for your gate or trying to see what restaurants are coming up!

6 // Headphones
If you plan on listening to music or watching a movie during your flight, don't forget headphones!

7 // Larabars
Easy and delicious portable snack to pack along. Full of energy and so good!

8 // Gum
If your ears are prone to popping while flying, gum is the best! I always chew gum during my flights, especially take off and landing since my ears always pop during flights.

9 // Wallet + ID
Don't forget some spending money and make sure (double check! triple check!) you have your ID with you. You do not want to get to the front of the security line and realize that you don't have your ID with you!

10 // Magazines
I have a hard time reading books on plane rides (motion sickness?), but I do great reading magazines. My flights always fly by when I have a good magazine to read!

There's my 10 necessities for your next flight!

Tell me...
What are your flight necessities?
Favorite place to travel to?


  1. Preach with that trail mix. It doesn't get crushed in your bag, it keeps you full in between meals, and it's good for you. I always pack my bag full of snacks for long flights. I'm flying to South Africa in July so my priority is packing a TON of food :P

    1. Trail mix really is the best for travelling! I always make sure to pack a ton of food too! I don't want to be stuck on a plane ride without any food!!

  2. I also always have a scarf with me. I usually get cold on a flight and if nothing else, it doubles as a pillow!

    1. That's a great idea! I always want to use a pillow and usually end up using my jacket, but using a scarf would be much better!

  3. I can't even count how many times trail mix has saved me on a flight disaster! I also bring a notebook for blog ideas, random thoughts, writing, etc. And obviously a pen!

    1. A notebook is a great idea! I always seem to come up with blog ideas when I don't have anything to write them down on!

  4. I'm going to Europe in June, and it's been years since I've been on a plane. I'll definitely be consulting your list when I go. There's lots of good stuff on here. I'm going to be so bored on that long flight.

    1. I am so jealous you are going to Europe! That is my dream! Definitely pack a lot for a long trip! :)