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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

{WIAW} Brain Fuel

Happy Hump Day! Halfway through the week already! I am back at it again this week for another round of What I Ate Wednesday, which actually features what I ate on Tuesday (yesterday). You can see my first post here and you can see the WIAW link-up on Peas & Crayons here. Thank you Jenn for hosting this awesome link up!
Let's get to it...
I seriously never get sick of this breakfast. I seriously wake up looking forward to eating breakfast, which is crazy for me since I used to hate eating breakfast. Today's breakfast consisted of Kashi Go Lean cereal with almond milk, a banana, coffee with a splash of almond milk, and water.

 Between my two classes for the day I snacked on some raisins to hold me over until lunch.
 Once I was done with my two classes for the day I headed over to the cafeteria for a quick lunch before heading to the library for the afternoon to take an exam for my online class.
I had vegetarian vegetable soup with a small slice of bread...
 and a flat-out sandwich consisting of veggies, oil, and vinegar. No meat, no cheese for this girl!
And a side of carrots and hummus too.
 Once I got to the library I sipped on some coffee with a packet of stevia while getting ready to take my exam.
 After my exam, I stayed at the library to get more studying done for my exam on Thursday. Around 2 I snacked on apple.
And around 4 I snacked on this trail mix. I am going to post the full recipe to this trail mix soon, but it is so good I'll share the ingredients with you now. It consisted of Barbara's Multigrain Spoonfuls, dried goji berries, raw almonds, and some Enjoy Life chocolate chunks. Perfect brain fuel right here everyone. It satisfied my afternoon cravings and held me over perfectly until dinner time. 
 For dinner I had a salad from the salad bar with pretty much every vegetable and chick peas. I went to get some salad dressing and all they had were salad dressings with dairy :(. They usually have an oriental dressing that I loooove but no luck this time. I noticed they were serving mexican food at one of the food stations so I went over and added salsa and guacamole as salad dressing. The guacamole was the best! I will definitely be using that in place of salad dressing more often!
After dinner I headed to a meeting then straight back home for a quick run. Post-run snack was a rice cake topped with sunflower butter to top off the night.

It was a pretty good day of eats and I found perfect snacks for brain fuel through my exam and studying!
Have a wonderful rest of your hump day and I shall chat with you soon! :)


  1. Gosh, I wish cereal could hold me over until mid morning. Unless I include everything you do & some nut butter w/ raisins or almonds, I'm hungry within an hour. Ha Ha! All your meals look great. I'm quite suprised how much your school cafeteria offers for salads.

    1. It's weird because that cereal is the only kind that will fill me up. I have to do the same thing as you if I eat any other cereal! I love the salad bar at my school, there are countless options for a salad every day. I sure am going to miss it when I move off campus!